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Akoman (Black Metal, Украина)

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можно, но я еще жду диски. еще можно будет приобрести в одном российском дистро, они тоже ждут

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значит будем поглядеть у росиянского




Interview with Bokor Dahak vocalist and guitarist of Akoman done by Patrick

1. Hails Bokor when did you first get the idea to start up Akoman ? How did you choose the name for the band? Does it have a special meaning?

I started in 2005 and my old band called Funeral. In 2010 I changed the name to Akoman. The name comes from the Persian Zoroastrian religion, the name of one of the most important archdemon of Ahriman and literally it means "evil mind".

2. Akoman has recently released their second cd "Devouring The Divine Light" through the label "Tribulacion Prod" how did you come in contact with this label?

Me and my friend Dll, who is also the current drummer, we were looking labels for their projects. Dll advised me Tribulacion, and I sent my stuff, they told me the same day. I was sure that the album is good.

3. How long did it take you to write and record the songs for this release? For the readers who have never heard Akoman's music how would you best describe it?

We started recording the drums in the spring and finished the vocals in August 2014. Akoman - is Darkness that awakens the spirit of Adversary in the depths of the mind.

4. Where do you draw inspiration for the lyrics. What are some subjects you write about in your music?

My main inspiration is certainly my worldview, Left Hand Path and magic. A big part of my inspiration are the works of Aleister Crowley, Austin Osman Spare, by Kenneth Grant and Michael Ford in Satanic or Luciferian magic. Crowley me more interested in the Tarot. I also fond of mythology and ancient cults East and Africa, the European myths about vampires and werewolves, medieval witchcraft covens and many others. The lyrics on the debut album is completely inspired by the work of Michael Ford and his Persian or Ahrimanian witchcraft - Yatuk Dinoih, legends about Zohak etc. The lyrics of the new album is more diverse, it has the effect of Kabbalah and Thelema

5. Besides the new release does Akoman have any other releases or merchandise available for the readers? If yes where can the fans buy it from?

The first album "Ahriman and the Whore of Darkness" released by Russian label Satanath Records (, but we expect to make a re-release. Also, we have a compilation of old material of 2005-2010, called "In Memorium: 10 years from Darkest Funeral", and we have split with Skaz (Ukraine), called "Black Cursed Metal". This material released by Ukrainian Depressive Illusions Records ( And new album "Devouring the Divine Light" released by Colombian Tribulacion Productions (

6. Bokor you handle the vocals for the band when did you start singing and screaming? Is their anything you do to keep your throat and voice healthy when recording music?

I am not a professional singer, I just sing because I did it. I am interested to change the character of the vocals on this or that record, it depends on how I see the character of the upcoming album.

7. Who are some of your influences and favorite vocalists?

Leader in my personal top is Nord from Malign. Other persons is Michael Ford from Black Funeral, Drakh from Katharsis, of course classical vocalists such as Dead and Nocturno Culto still inspire me.

8. Besides the vocals you also handle the guitars for the band when did you become interested in playing the guitars? Are you self-taught or did you take some lessons when first starting out?

I am self-taught and began playing guitar in 2002 or 2003. I do not consider myself a guitar player, I would rather see myself as the creator of the general concept.

9. Who are some of your influences and favorite guitarists? Besides the vocals and guitars are their any other instruments you play?

Euronymous had the strongest influence on me in the field of sound and types of riffs. I do not play other instruments, but I have created a lot of industrial and electronic music.

10. Akoman comes out of the Ukrainian black metal scene.What is your opinion of the black metal scene in the Ukraine?

There are some good old bands from the 90's and some good guys from the 00's. And all at a distance from the so-called scene, they rarely play a shows or do not play the shows. As for the groups that perform every weekend, another clone of Behemoth or pagan/melodic death shit, then I'm not interested.

11. Who are your all-time favorite bands from the Ukraine? Are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

Lucifugum is my favorite, for all time. I would like to see here anymore bands with really dark occult atmosphere, but among these new bands, I do not know.

12. Besides Akoman are you currently working with any other bands or projects? If yes please tell the readers about them?

Currently, we are working on the third album of my drummer project, called Through. I will perform the vocals on some tracks, also I am responsible for the electronic effects and a variety of industrial noise, and programming drums. It will be interesting album, I'm sure.

13.What does black metal mean to you?

First of all, a form in which I express my way. I have never limited ourselves with style and has been involved in various musical experimentation, ritual or industrial. But the music that I personally do, always contains a Luciferian or Satanic spirit, because it is in my core.



обязательно прочитаю в более спокойной обстановке, сейчас треш и угар мать его.



Вот насчет Каббалы и Телемы заинтересовало очень, потому что персидская мифология как-то далека от меня.



такое в определенном смысле итоговое видео, завершающее некий период. больше нет концертам и составам с непонятными левыми людьми


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