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Nocturnal Poisoning/Xasthur interview: I've gotten warning that a Brazilian magazine will probably mis-translate this, on purpose, so I'll just post it in English, just in case.
Pride black metal magazine, might use the title Unjoyment for the coming issue

1 - Scott Hello how are you friend?
Hi, I'm alright I guess, it is 100 degrees, again

2 - Firstly I would like to thank you for giving this exclusive interview to my printed zine , and say that I feel very honored by this truth :
Well, I have the feeling this isn't going to be a pro-xasthur or pro-black metal interview, but I appreciate you listening to what I've got to say.

3 - For many years you played your own One Man Band " Xasthur " a global icon in the Underground , because always alone , and because he never did a show with guests ?
I'm not sure if not playing shows with guests caused some kind of appeal, it might have helped to have done some select shows without wearing out the band or overexposing that idea, but only leeches and opportunists come out of the woodwork when it comes to putting a line up of guests together, people who weren't around to help with the creation or the music itself whenever the chips were down came knocking. Fair-weather, half assed people and true chiselers who would just wanna 'throw something together' more than recreating what was on the albums.

4 - On youtube there is a video where you show an interest in doing a show can talk about this show and this one share ?
I am not really interested in doing shows, I've always been more interested in having a real band that ALSO does shows, but people don't want to do both, they want to take shortcuts that get them into some limelight situation as quickly as possible, skipping the work, improving and creating is work as fun as we all want to believe it's fun. I can find plenty of people who aren't committed. I don't want a performance that's just 'ok', it has to be better than that, consisting of people who don't just come and go as they please, people who are into the music even if they find out a free trip to Hawaii isn't always going to be a reality.

5 - On the last album you Xasthur invited to attend a singer on some tracks , as was done this invitation and what you think of the album?
Depending on 'which' last album you're talking about, I tried twice to end the band on a proper or interesting note. I was really pleased with the Nightmares at Dawn CD because the singing of Robert N was really something different as far as that Xasthur stuff was concerned, I tried many many things to make songs and albums different from each other and just having singing like his made more of a difference to my ear. The nightmares CD was the variety and oddities that was a better note to end on, I think. While Portal of Sorrow was more of an experiment, vocals of Marissa was mainly to substitute keyboard sounds, I get bored of keyboards very quickly. One of the two people, volunteered, which made things easier.

6 - You ended its activities in 2010 why? You could say that you were tired of Xasthur ?
Yes, I got tired of it and it was not fulfilling anymore, I don't remember many times where it was, now that I look back on it. I just started asking myself why I was playing one kind of music only when I never had the need to belong to a scene, I was thinking about musics that didn't have a scene. I've never been one of the buddies or favor people. I also realized that my own music was being promoted and used in ways that I would never promote myself, plus I have never seen or heard of any other scene that has as many leeches and coat-tail riders like black metal, I was sort of surrounded by them while I was just trying to do my own thing, you know? I sort of lost a grip on what was mine, I probably lost more than I gained and I'm not going to spend the rest of my life trying to break even or get it back, so it's on to something else now that I can have more control over, at least. There's a lot of reason though besides that, I didn't have enough of a reason for doing what I was doing anymore, and as a lot of time has gone by, did I really ever? Playing a role or a character didn't seem real to me, neither did trying to live up to... who knows what. I also don't understand why anyone would want to play a form of music that's ironic and a joke to the very people who listen to it, black metal, xasthur etc., that's something a lot of people don't see or overlook. I also believe that any person has the right to change their ways and also reinvent themselves if needed, for their own good first of all and for the good of the music they play as well. But people are gutless like that.

7 - What Xasthur represented or represents in your life these days ?
It is something I'm trying to move past and something I'm stuck living with, for the time being. I don't look back on it at all, it's no longer who I am and I can not play the role or go through the motions anymore.

8 - Do you have plans to return one day with Xasthur , doing shows burn a DVD perhaps?
Absolutely not. I will not do that even if my life depended on it. I have NO respect and I'm disgusted by 99% of the bands who make 'comebacks', it's very cheap, I would rather suffer and die than doing something that I'm obviously sick and tired of doing... that is not being 'about the music' at all! I did Xasthur till I lost interest, so long until I hated it, when you get to that point, there is no return. If someone put a million dollars on the table for me, I could maybe pretend to be into it, but that's not going to happen. That's not so bad considering most people will pretend to be into it for a can of beer.

9 - You have a new project now , talk a bit about it, you already have some recorded material , and how this project came about ?
Yes, Nocturnal Poisoning is the new band, the name of the band is deceiving because it has nothing to do with metal and isn't 'trying' so hard to be 'dark'. The music and lyrics are done in a very old fashion, all acoustic 'singer/songwriter' type of way, it is 'influenced' by music, any kind, all kinds, and not so much metal and not a variation of it either. When you're limited to playing only one kind of music, that's what you get, all you get and what people are stuck with hearing. I was not improving by doing black metal, I improve everyday now. I just started discovering that I always had difficulty playing metal, with a pick, electric guitars and whatnot, I was learning more and more that I was the opposite of that, more of an acoustic player, playing this way comes more naturally to me and less forced, so I have to go in this direction now. There is no label or press telling people about N.P so far, but I think that's going to change soon. There is a lot of bluegrass playing, doom, blues, or even 'folk' style playing in what I do now, very 1970's as far as I can guess. Bluegrass picking has added a lot to whatever the hell kind of music I play now. I'm not very interested in name-dropping 'influences' or genres, but with genres, I can try and create my own, 'doomgrass', the name of the third coming N.P record coming out some time in 2014.

10 - With this new design you want to do shows or just going to be Stúdio band?
Well, metal people don't, can't or don't want to do acoustic music too much, these are the only kind of musicians I seem to know of, loosely, at least. At the same time, this music is also meant by design to cut ties with many of them. Having a band and playing shows is difficult for these reasons now, instead of the other reasons in the past. I don't rule it out, even though LA is a dead end for music. So as long as I'm here, I only expect to meet musicians who are full of shit, copy cats or are rock stars that haven't done shit. If I can find people who love to play music, people that can actually take me seriously after making like 100 fucking albums, then maybe I could have a band, play shows with this new band etc, but a lot of people like to take shortcuts, again, thinking of some kind of glory there isn't much of rather than the work and creativity it takes to be good at what you're presenting.

11 - Returning to Xasthur , you achieved everything he wanted with the songs and albums released , or still felt that something was missing ?
Yes, even though I was learning as I went a long and learned more of what I was doing in the end, I felt like I did all I could do, I can't re-do any of it or fix any of it, so what's done is done and I don't look back on it much. There was nothing left to do with it.

12 - If you had the chance to go back in time , when and where you want to be ?
I would go back to April, less than a month and just stay there. Or, I'd probably go back to the early 80's and just stay there too, or maybe just change the future if I couldn't stay in either place

13 - Many bands today address issues of suicide , depression, melancholy ... you think it turned out to be a kind of fashion ?
Yes, it is a fashion and it makes no sense, maybe only for a period of time in someone's life, but dedicating life to it makes no sense, unless you're trying to shock someone, no one really knows what cutting yourself in a cd or on stage is supposed to mean or symbolize, but they do it anyway. I don't understand why if someone was depressed and wanted to die, why they'd feel good about it, embrace it, parade it, brag about it or use that image to make friends with. I don't know why they would stick to it year after year without just... dying. They're really tough guys for destroying themselves. Bullshit.
I have lost all or any ability to be able to understand or relate to this kind of music or state of 'mind' anymore.
I see all of that kind of music and those themes as a cry for help, help they wouldn't even want, wanting to die and being depressed is too fun for them after all.

14 - For you what is Depressive Black Metal ?
I think it's drivel

15 - What is your vision for humanity , since the world lives in endless wars , do you think we are headed for self-destruction ?
Sadly, the world has all the makings and the pieces seem to be in place for a NWO possibly within our lifetime. I could be wrong, when it comes to a lot of things, I'm sometimes glad when I'm wrong.

16 - I would like to thank you once again Thank you very much for your time in answering this interview , I repeat , I am honored by this too , I wish you every success and strength in your journey , I ask you to leave here a message to all the Brazilian fans always kept Xasthur and accompanying you on your new project , the space is all yours :
Well thanks for the questions and hearing what I've got to say. I've obviously done both xasthur and nocturnal poisoning, and I know that I'm giving and doing a lot more now; I know what goes into both.

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Какое интересное интервью
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